Each man should be heard.
I do not remember, who has told it, but I have decided (solved) to participate in it.

I yet here have transferred (translated) all... The site refers to as: Vladimir Kushnir 100143 and his (its) company. Verses, songs and another - mine and my friends.
On this site you can listen to music (in the near future), esteem verses, clause of the different authors, to look pictures of the known artists, to learn(find out) addresses free-of-charge хостингов, address of installation free-of-charge guest, counters... To play in simple games. Here there are links to interesting sites, input (entrance) in chat and much another... Songs of urban folklore, romances, jazz melodies Also will be printed here. There are also pages for the kids.
Here too you can receive advices of the psychologist, get acquainted with his (its) publications in the Internet.
These pages about those who not having neither glory, nor money from the enthusiasm, continues long years to be engaged in the business, taking pleasure from creativity. Us largly was lucky(carried), we have found business, which really carries away us and enables to open itself, to present native, the friends is warm of the heart, to inform the vision of the environmental world...
Who wants to help on the public beginnings (completely free-of-charge) My first assistants.
Press by the mouse To make Processing for tools, to place clause about To music, about poetry, about musical The programs, about design, etc., - We invite for cooperation.
In this photo mine first The assistants (press on a photo by the mouse).

The announcement:
On our site since April 1 the exchange Webmoney on new currency - GoldenSand without the commission has opened, and also except for an exchange the interest-free crediting is carried out. You can also receive and license on GoldenSand, including on credit. Also you can participate in Competition of photos on new money Banknote, first photos already Are printed. Can esteem Responses. 

Clause can esteem about our old men.

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