Vladimir Kushnir

Dear old men

Dear my old men, in yours a shelf has arrived. I long prepared for this test age, already in fifty years did not submit a kind, that heart is beaten hotly and restlessly, coughed, hid brilliant eyes. But 60 years! All - limit to hide there is nothing more. It would be desirable to have a sleep in the underground, it would be desirable to sit everywhere, where it is possible. To lie down with the book 5 minutes and to fall asleep. Probably, and loudly to snore. All looked, all ate, went by everything, flied, under ground worked. But that for ever to ground - yet does not pull. All environmental give to me to feel my age. The ticket any more do not ask neither in the underground, nor in the bus. In a hairdressing saloon at once begin to cut, not asking about a hairdress, pier, for you one hairdress - pension.
Some old men can me reproach, what for tell our senile secrets. And what it is secrets. Absence of a hair at the old men? At whom they only are absent, I saw in youth so much brilliant bald heads at youngish, that eyes blinded from their shine. And all of them asserted, that this shine is very attractive for the women, Which and declare: "brilliant The man". So has brushed a rare hair, has moistened with a saliva, has attached one hair to another and is good, it is possible on an exit.
In the underground us rocks to sleep? And young rocks to sleep. Sometimes look - opposite to you everyone sleep, all young, even the heads throw back up to a window, and you still - in one eye, still pair of stops потерпишь, and too with them - in hibernation. And even as it is surprising, we sleep beside with each other, man with the women, irrespective of age, Nationalities and creeds, just - In clothes, and the car shakes, other time under this dream and head want to put on a shoulder. And some sleep with chewing резинкой in a mouth, that is sleep and chew. As the cow. It is aerobatics. I so can not. What for to mix two pleasures.
Elderly snore. And young? We, when I served by youth in army, had one soldier, which very strongly snored. He lay down to sleep after everything, honourly waited for the turn. If he fell asleep casually earlier - began at once to snore as a bogatyr, and nobody could close of an eye. At us even the attendants were nominated, to overturn at the night of this snoring man from a side on a side. Three years overturned him. Then it was a pity to part. For ever has remained in memory.
Speak, memory bad at the old men, and what for us good memory?, for example, what for to us to remember, how many for an apartment to pay, each month give other figure. How many products cost - it is not necessary to remember, how many travel costs - it is not necessary to remember, let remember those who goes for money. The address is forgotten? It is necessary, that you were remembered by(with) the neighbours. Go not in the entrance, will hear: " Where you go, old fool, you from the following entrance ". Then in an another's apartment will call, you will send further away. Also go further on a trajectory, and will find yourself in the apartment, it is pleasant, when you know Also respect. The memory is not present, the people we begin to forget, and in youth these people were necessary? Will recollect, if someone at you of money has borrowed and does not want to give back. And now from what to borrow, all money in a pocket rings. Names is forgotten. And in youth? Only has got acquainted on a visit, so here and has forgotten at all, as whom to call. So the memory weakens, but a little than differs from memory of the young man.
The hands are shaked, well and that, if the houses - let are shaked, how many it is necessary. And in a public place it is not necessary that they hung as - has got, and it is not necessary by them to wave. If they are inserted somewhere more reliably, joltings not so it is visible, it is simple on a body pass fine waves. Certainly, if someone sits beside and has decided To have a sleep about you, waves, though and Fine, but him will reach, and he will be To sleep as on a jackhammer. If It is pleasant to it(him), let sleeps, and let Head puts on a shoulder, unfortunate. And if the head is shaked, here task is more complex, but the exit is. It is necessary надеть on a head a cap, and in her to lay heavy weights. Such weights will not shake and will not shake, but to adhere weights it is necessary thoroughly, that have not dropped out at jolting, and that the not guilty people can suffer. Or as in India, there it is accepted heavy things to carry on a head to not think about bad. Well here again it is possible, has come in the visitors, has found in an apartment a vase more hardly, has put her on a head, and carry her up to the end of evening, when everyone eat, and there and home it is time that there still to do on a visit, if all has had a meal and any more do not give, has put a vase on a place and - good-bye.
Speak, that at the old men of sex is not present, so it(he) in our country and earlier was not for all. Now this information have opened for everything, and the sex and young not on a pocket was found out, now. But there are such old men, very abrupt, with broken movement of blood. It - when on the certain days, blood begins to move with the large speed, and from it begin To be inflated vessels, not for a long time, but on nerves works. We in an entrance have a lot of such. One, hardly goes, but looked on the TV set the message, that at whom before sex was not, now it(he) is about the central telegraph for 100 u.e., so this old man began to refuse meal and bragged: " In one year I shall accumulate(save) the necessary sum у.е. When I shall accumulate(save), I shall do a kind, that I the patient, call first aid. I shall ask the driver, can, last time before death be passed near the central telegraph, as though I there all life worked. And at telegraph I shall fall out of first aid together with a stretcher and with 100 u.e. in hands with shout: " I pay in cash ". And there start up carry, where want, and do(make) good pleasure, to me already will be all the same, can, I and отойду peacefully or will paralyse me. Then let will take me in my hospital for same u.e., that is on delivery. And let in hospital feed and give to drink 21 days from a restaurant and from lockers of the patients, that the life is not confused has lived. And other neighbour, goes is little bit more best and little bit more purely(little bit more cleanly), but too with the broken movement of blood, and asserts(approves), that is not necessary to go on the central telegraph, better to go on station, it is possible much to save, and to do without by two bottles of vodka. One bottle to take with itself on station, and second to give back then doctor in polyclinic for anonymous treatment and with it(him) this bottle to drink. I do not understand it, if at us the movement of blood is already broken, it is better to use psychological reception of switching of attention, and instead of the central telegraph and station - to buy it is good to weld(cook) 2 average beets, them, to have a meal, as follows, after that there will be switching attention from one pleasure - on another, and two days will be engaged, two days of complete pleasure in view of our age and our pension. And other days to be engaged in a bar, certainly to lift them already hardly, and on a floor to roll still it is possible, certainly to roll not later than 11 o'clock in the evening to not conceive fight with the neighbours from below, with which tomorrow early on job. And the bar can be continued to roll in the morning at once after breakfast.
Fight to conceive with the neighbours it is not good, and forces is small at us, in fight already so it is simple for pleasure not полезешь, but that something to wear(defame) on a back, anybody now by loader me will not take. On me if to load something, I at once under a cargo fall and I shall cease to move absolutely, though the sight remain if to look far forward, but the problem will pull out me from under a cargo and to inhale former forces, that is to put on legs and to fix for something. And батон of bread it is possible to inform, if near, and to not hasten. But there is an output(exit), bag to carry on a carriage. Here such business, is important to grease her(it) in time, and that the scratch goes, and the carriage creaks - very much to scratch. I of time have overlooked(forgotten) to grease a carriage, so much all has heard. Both good and bad, basically - bad and not printed, though it not printed now becomes literary. Already last meters a carriage on itself dragged from last forces, that the people to not excite with literary words. It is good still, that the bag, floor of kg of a potatoes, plus - wheel not greased with the bag was not strongly loaded, and that would not inform. Wanted even to pull out on a road a little potatoes, to plant(put) in ground on a way, a potatoes for all let grows. It is necessary in life necessarily to have time(be in time) something to plant(put) for the people.
At us about houses ground for a potatoes very good, continuous clay, rich. It is good pots to do(make) of it(her) on gifts to holidays and toy. Per good rainy day of a leg on this clay will part as on skates. At once carefree childhood is recollected: skates, ski, employment(occupation) in art amateur performance and dances. Us was lucky(carried), a thermal line beside - dig around of it(her) each year, and almost at once in two months dig in. And fertilized ground - below, and clay - from above. Nothing grows. Even the dogs do not go in a toilet on this ground, the legs will part and at dogs. Sometimes are late with рытьем, and from below from the fertilized ground through clay begins to grow a herb, but it not on long time. At once there will arrive machines, the people with shovels, tractor with the chiefs - and will lower(omit) all in the order, all травку downwards very accurately and. It seems, someone gives a signal from our house, at whom the windows leave on a thermal line. As will see, the herb has grown, and calls, that have arrived to dig over. And those at once come, display tools and begin to have dinner, pull rubber with excavation.
I think, not in excavation business and not in the age of. Though, certainly, is insulting. All life was young and нарасхват, and now nobody recollects. Begin to call to somebody, pier, 60 years were executed, and the life proceeds. Everyone ask, whether the meal suffices, whether there are fragmentary clothes, stockings, boots and medicine. Yes, it is all is. And to sew up it is possible under good mood. Certainly, it is necessary to try to watch(keep up) behind itself, behind clothes, to supervise the acts and good motives. And when it would be desirable, for example to clean(remove) by a vacuum cleaner an apartment, that was clean, and the hours show 2 o'clock in the morning, it is not necessary to insist on vacuum cleaner, better to make damp harvest(cleaning). But all the same, I think, here there is any mistake. Can, a little about us the advertising with medicines on TV show, in the newspapers too. Can be, guitar to buy with six strings, or TV to switch off, or in Kanary to prepare a ski...
In Kanary it would not be desirable. There do not accept our pension. Speak, that she(it) at them is not converted. I do not know, I receive all time pension in an envelope, means, at us the pension is converted, and they do not have such envelopes... I think, it is necessary to learn(find out) about it from somebody from local, I call in the Internet for chata any old woman from Kanary, has waited for 3 minutes, have found the old woman, for a long time in chate... Have begun to talk, really lives in Kanary, and on conversation, is felt, too with infringement of movement of blood. Is happy in a marriage(spoilage), there are grandsons. But in free time loves to get acquainted with the foreigners in chate. In general(common), I have understood, in youth did not refuse in anything, neither, nor another. The woman of high test, and new test there is no place to put, tries in chate. When she(it) has learned(found out), that I from Russia, was surprised, it seemed, that we at anybody do not have money to the Internet, all money we spend for vodka. And when has learned(found out), that I do not drink in general, has asked to send it(her) my portrait, the husband - sculptor, will make my bust on is more scarlet their garden, and this bust will be to its(her) husband reproach about harm of alcohol. I have asked it(her), whether it is possible on my pension to live in Kanary and well to have a rest, she(it) has asked about the size of pension in u.e. I have transferred(translated) it(her) in u.e. Also has added there slightly from my accumulation, that in Kanary itself in anything to not refuse. She(it) has informed, that, probably, I was mistaken in accounts, at them this sum refers to as not as pension, and grant(manual) for school breakfasts, breakfasts quite good, each day except for target(day off). But if I shall want, she(it) to me for this sum will buy a small support for the pigeons, is beautifully looked and cheaply. I honourly have told to it(her), that I have already two supports from dairy packages, and has asked about weather. She(it) has told, that weather at them Very good, and they with the husband will go now to be rolled on a yacht and to admire a nature, and than its(her) Russian friend on rest will be engaged? I, testing pride of the opportunities, have told, that I shall go now on the two on the market with a bag on wheels and I shall buy half of kg of a cheap potatoes, but previously I shall grease wheels of a bag. She(it) nothing has understood, and has asked next time to tell to it(her), as we have a rest in the market more in detail. And I have thought, that it is better instead of conversation with it(her) to add to a potatoes a bottle of vodka and to go to the neighbour. He just yesterday salty fish has bought and came to me, I saw in a crack of a door. The neighbour long stood at my doors, called, knocked by legs on a door, beat from all forces by fists, told about a salty fish. I looked in a crack of a door and thought of his(its) salty fish, and about my potato, and about our broken movement of blood, and, how I have gone to the first class... At last, the neighbour has waved a hand and has gone to itself. And today it is high time to think with it(him) how to live further, at him(it) - salty fish, at me - potato. Let's think together, expensive(dear) my old men.

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December 01, 2002.



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