Everyone The man should be heard.
I do not remember, who has told it, but I have decided(solved) To participate in it.

That you can look on By this a site? You can To esteem verses of my friends, to listen Songs written by me in the co-authorship with By them. I write music on their verses. Can To be, I shall write music and on yours стихи.  Here you can find The co-authors for creation of the future songs, And the theatrical director will find here The musical play.
While here small The company of the friends, but in nearest Future we with pleasure shall accept in The numbers(lines) and September, 2002 others amateur The authors... (If you Hurry up, can not read about me Now)
These pages are created for the people, Which on different reasons up to Today could not To be printed in any editions. The reasons can be different, someone not Knows of the notes, at someone is The prepared material, but one It is difficult to the author to be printed somewhere. It is a lot of the reasons, and already is much made, To help such people, ours Page - too small help in This business. We shall not give any Ratings to your products. It very much The complex(difficult) question, anybody beforehand can not To guess destiny songs, even those people, Which can really To untwist a song. Is possible to earn on To song to make her(it) temporarily popular, But to make its(her) favourite is is decided(solved) on The other level, while to us unknown. We shall print simply songs, then We will have form of discussion, where The personal opinions will be expressed The fans(amateurs) songs. Also we shall be To print and product known The authors, that our pages were Are more various.
But it in the future, and While you can send us yours The recommendations, advice(councils) on registration and To the contents of these pages to set to us The questions to express the attitude(relation) To our efforts.

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The following page - survey, On it(her) you can more in detail get acquainted with all sections.)



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